Every day is a new beginning at DAEP!


Mission Statement

The goal of the DAEP is to provide a safe and nurturing learning environment that promotes and encourages our students to develop the attitudes, responsibilities, knowledge, and skills that are essential for success in school and society.  While collaborating with parents, our educational colleagues, and the community, we support our students as they develop into life-long learners and responsible citizens.

Thus, we believe….

  •   Every decision should be made based on what is best for students;
  •   All students, teachers, parents, and staff must be treated with respect;
  •   Cultural diversity must be embraced to enhance the learning experiences of our students;
  •   High levels of performance are expected from all students, teachers, and staff;
  •   All district personnel have a moral obligation to: Create, maintain, and support a learning environment that is academically, emotionally, and physically safe; Take time to know and understand students and colleagues, provide opportunities and guidance for students to explore and develop their uniqueness; Deliver high quality instruction that engages each student.
  •   Learning is directly impacted through staff participation in and implementation of research-based professional development; and
  •   Shared leadership and collaboration are essential for our success.

Therefore, we commit to prepare our students for their future by building relationships, making learning relevant and rigorous, and developing each student’s unique talents and skills.


Purpose Statement

While students are sent to the DAEP for disciplinary reasons, it is not the job of the faculty to punish them.  Their punishment is being separated from their home campus and losing the opportunity to participate in or attend school activities.  The job of the faculty is to assist students academically and socially by helping them with their academic assignments; finding and helping fill gaps in their bank of basic academic skills; and by positively enabling them to reflect on the choices they made that brought them to the program.  The goal is for each student to return to their home campus completely caught up on their work, more capable in academic rigor, and empowered with a plan to avoid the behaviors that brought them here.